Jack Rand Associates

“optimizing performance through focus”

Jack Rand Associates provides cutting edge coaching and mentoring, to unlock potential and transform your effectiveness. Jack works with professional advisors, executives, and sales teams' to catapult their success.

Jack is known for his ability to guide, focus, and build confidence. He has a remarkable way of revealing what a client really wants and then leverages their natural strengths to create the desired results.

The Results Focused Coaching™ concept, that he developed, unlocks your potential to transform your effectiveness. While working with clients Jack created the Personal Results System™ to break old limiting patterns, create new effective habits, build self-assurance, and achieve like you have always dreamed.

Jack has authored several courses including, 'Identify, Target, and Sell More of Your BEST Customers' and '3-Steps to High Quality Referrals'. Both of these revolutionary workshops transform your ability to gain new clients and improve your results.

Using these concepts Jack has created millions of dollars for his clients as well as achieving personal awards such as Tops in Sales and MVP awards at Hewlett-Packard, a Fortune 100 company.

Using both business-to-business and business-to-consumer models, Jack has experience in over 30 industries, including: Accounting, Finance, Insurance, Computer Hardware & Software, Attorneys & Legal Practices, Commercial & Residential Real Estate, Consultants, Medical Supply & Equipment, Video, Manufacturing, Distribution, Health Care, Travel, Construction and Advertising.

Jack holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech Communications and continues to work on his MBA in Project Management.

Jack Rand Associates works with professional advisors and executives who are sincere about growing their business and dedicated to making a difference with their work.

Speaking Topics:

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